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Here is the lasted WIP on the needles, the Claptosis scarf. If you haven’t chrmistmas-018heard of Claptosis, jump on the bandwagon. I think there are like 800 some claptosis posted on Ravelry, and the variety of yarns that are being used is awesome. I am using yarn from Miss Babs that I picked up at SAFF called Chocolate Roses. I specifically looked for yarn to use for this at SAFF. Of course, now I have visions of many claptosis in all shades. I am just getting through section 3, and to have get it finished. One thing I didn’t realize was how many stitch markers I would need!chrmistmas-019
It is a very easy knit, although I was very NERVOUS about droping the one stitch and then picking up to make another. I could not envision in my brain how it worked until one afternoon as I was running. Then I realized that dropping the stitch was at the beginning or the edge. Will post more pics when she is done….

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By now, you know of my obsession with fiber.  It is no secret that my husband and I would like to move back to PA, and own a house with some acreage.  I had wanted at one time wanted to own some alpacas, but they would need at least 15 acres.  The standard is usually about an acre per hoof per animal.  Then I thought I wanted to try sheep, but still not sure about that.  I had some rabbits when I was younger, and read a blog called Woolybuns, in which she raises German Angora rabbits. So I had even thrown that into the mix as a possibility as a fiber animal.

Well, after SAFF, I know I want rabbits.  The DH and I had a wonderful conversation with a woman from Arkansas.  She and her husband, along with their seven children, raise German Angora rabbits.  They actually brought 40 rabbits from Arkansas with them to SAFF to sell.  Yes, I can’t even begin to imagine traveling with 40 rabbits and seven children for the 12+ hours.  Anyhoo, she was very nice and answered some questions that I had about the difference between French, English and German Angora rabbits.  German Angoras do not mat their fur as the French and English Angoras do.  Plus, you are able to trim their fur every 6-8 weeks and sell at about $7-10 per ounce.  Now, I don’t anticipate when the DH and I decided to take the plunge and get into the rabbit business that we are going to own 40.  I am thinking a little smaller to start.  Of course, that is about 3-4 years down the road, but I always have to have a plan and goals.

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Glorious fiber…and yarn….

Here are the pictures of the goodies I purchased at SAFF.  Email me if you want more specifics….






















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Busy weekend here on the cul-de-sac.  Glad to leave the month of September behind here in a couple of days.  Onward toward a very CRAZY October.  Seems like we have something going on every weekend.  I am busy preparing for the 4 lectures I need to give in about 3 hours at the university where I received my masters.  Plus, trying to work, do some knitting, and relax.  The exciting thing is that after I give the lecture, the DH and I will go to Black Mountain NC for the weekend.  Sigh.  Can’t get here soon enough.  We are staying at the Arbor House, a very nice B&B.  We are going to SAFF and then the DH is going to do some trout fishing.  Should be a fun weekend.  Last time the DH and I went trout fishing in the month of October, we got ENGAGED.  Seriously doubt anything like that will happen.  Of course, it is fun to dream.

On to some fiber.  Introducing Miss Kitty, the newest addition to the clan.  i finished her on Saturday night, while attempting to watch Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (very boring, don’t rent it).  She is from the Lions Brand Patterns amigurumi.  Her eyes are a little too big, and her feet a little too small, but I think she is darn cute.  So does Newman, and Leo the Lion.

That’s about it from here.  Other than we are gearing up for the baseball playoffs to start.   GO CUBS!

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