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I had quite the lovely Christmas this year.  It wasn’t the gifts that I received…it was the time spent at home with my family.  It was also nice to not have to think about work and have time to do nothing.  My mother apologized to me that there wasn’t more going on.  What?!?  Monday, the snow day, was a perfect day because all I did was sit, knit and drink tea.  Just the simple things.  It is sometimes hard for people to understand that a day when you just do nothing but what you want to do is a perfect day. The DH and I feel we are constantly on the go with our jobs, house stuff, etc.  It was nice to have a day where I didn’t need to worry about everything.   I wish I had more days like that. 

Anyhow, I did want to post pics of some fibering things that I did get for Christmas.  I got a couple of sweaters to wear to work, slippers, a gift card for a massage, my standby Farmers’ Alamanac to predict the weather.  But I also got some very pretty needles.  These are interchangeable needles, meaning you could start a project with one size, and then switch to another in the middle of the project, without having to change the whole thing.  Sweet eh?chrmistmas-013

I also got the Ann Budd book – Getting Started Knitting Socks.  I had heard from quite a few people that this was a great book to get started knitting socks.  I had taken a sock class about a year ago, and wanted to get back into it.  This book has great instructions, including different patterns depending on gauge, different heels, etc.  Love this book already!chrmistmas-012

I also got some very pretty Cascade Superwash in a teal heather.  This is going to be the next Claptosis.  I must steel myself to finish the first before diving into this pretty, pretty yarn.  I actually purchased this for myself at a new yarn shop in North Raleigh called Yarnbirds.  Very nice shop with lots of yarn. chrmistmas-014

While the DH and I were in PA we also made a trip to Campbell Pottery.  Now, I am really, really into pottery like some people are.  I like to look at pottery, but don’t always buy something.  However, I do like Bill Campbell pottery.  And the cool thing is that his shop if 15 minutes away from my parents house in PA.  Earlier this



summer I purchased a fruit bowl.  This trip, as one of my Christmas presents (per the DH), I got a candle stand and two mugs.  Are they not gorgeous?  I love the brown/blue glaze.  It fits our kitchen.  I also love his crystal glaze items, but they really don’t fit with our decor.  If you are ever in that area, I highly encourage you to make a trip there.

candle stand


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