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Nut roll

There is a tradition in my family that every Christmas and Easter there is nut roll, a sweet bread filled with finely ground walnuts or poppy.  Also, known as kolache, this is Czech/Slovak sweet pastry.  Only these two times of year is nut roll made and eaten.  My grandma used to make it, then my mom, and now me.  I am the official nut roll maker of the family. 

This is no ordinary recipe either.  Making the nut roll is an all day event.  The recipe makes 18 of these things.  I use 4 lbs of walnuts for the filling.  I made a batch to take home to PA for Christmas for my mom.  She gives them away to different relatives, takes them to Christmas parties, etc.  Unfortunately, the DH and I had no nut roll for our own.  Thus, I made nut roll for the DH and I over the past couple days. 

What a nice little addition to our coffee this week.  Yum, Yum.chrmistmas-0031

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