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When I first started playing fantasy baseball/football, the name of my team was the Roller Babes.  I received much ribbing about it, ie was I now in to Roller Derby etc.  I let it pass and continued on to win my league that year. 

Well, the thought of participation with a Roller Derby team has never been far from my mind.  Unfortunately, I can’t skate to save my life, so that has put a serious damper on that.  Plus, I have my other interests that take up by time, such as knitting, spin, my JOB, etc.

Friday night the DH came home from work and had seen a pickup truck with an advertisement that the Carolina Rollergirls were having a match September 13th vs. the Tucson Saddletramps.  Did I want to go?  Well, I himmed and hawed.  And then I thought, What the hell else are we going to do on Saturday except watch USC CRUSH Ohio State.  And besides, I am getting tired of only watching football on the weekends. 

So, we went.  We saw.  We sweated in Dorton Arena.  We drank beer.  We yelled.  It was FUN!  It was like any other sporting event.  You could buy beer, soda, popcorn, pretzels while you watch these Roller BABES buzz around the track, score points and throw shoulders into each other and have an amazing time doing it!(at least it looked like they were having an amazing time).   My pictures do not even do it justice just to how cool it really is.

 The track is small, and those girls go fast.  In brief, there are two groups of rollers on the track.  The first group starts out, then the two JAMMERS start about 2 seconds behind them.  The goal is for the Jammers to get through the pack ahead of them to score points.  The lead Jammer gets the most points.  Now, I am no expert on Roller Derby, but they did hand out a very nice program that explained the scoring, the penalties, etc.  In addition to that, music blairs and the announcers really get the crowd going.  The Carolina Rollergirls stomped on the Tucson Saddletramps too!

DH and I enjoyed ourselves.  It was different.  It was cool.  We will go again.  The next match is November 22, which is double header.  Come on….live a little.  What have you got to lose?

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