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I kind of fell off the blog wagon the past couple of weeks.  Not much to say, too much to do, too much going on….you get the picture.  This time of year is always busy…it seems like it starts at Memorial Day and goes full blast all the way to Labor Day.  Then a little bit of a breather to get ready for the holidays.  I find it hard to believe we are already in the sixth month of the year. 

We had my mother in law visit over the Memorial Day weekend.  She is big into quilting, so we visited many a fabric store that weekend.  We also talked a LOT of quilting.  Or rather she talked a lot of quilting.  I just listened and knitted.  I used to be into quilting, but then the yarn thing began and the rest is history.  Doesn’t mean that I won’t quilt again…maybe sometime this summer when it is too hot to do anything outdoors. 

We are getting ready to go to Nashville in the next two weeks for me to attend the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner conference.  I am excited, but nervous too.  I am presenting a poster there on chronic kidney disease.  The poster is done, just needs the final touches.  I am going to print it next week.  I have already scoped out a yarn shop that is a MANDATORY stop while we are there.  Should be a fun trip.




It’s been one of those days.mt11191258051

Hope your Monday was better than mine.



We all live under the same sky, but we don’t have the same horizon.

-Konrad Adenauer

I went out back early this AM to water the garden  before I went to work.  On my way back into the house, I found this little guy….


Baby Turtle

Baby Turtle

When I saw him on the ground, I thought he was a stone.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that he was a baby turtle.  The pictures really don’t do him justice to how small nor how cute he is.  The wonders of nature never cease to amaze me.  Nor the menagerie that is located in my back yard.

Happy Wednesday!

Lace Shawl

Yarnbirds offered a beginning lace shawl class this March, and my friend Eileen and I signed up for it.  I was giddy with anticipation in learning to finally knit lace into something other than a scarf.  I chose Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a pretty green.  We are knitting the pattern from Victorian Lace Today.  The book is very nice, and has many other patterns that I want to do as well. 

We went to class.  Frustration started within the first 10 minutes.  Casting on is not fun.  Then attempting to knit the appropriate stitches into what we cast on…forget it for me.  I don’t know if it was the yarn, me, the fact my head hurt or what, but I struggled to get through 4 rows at class that night.

Weekend comes along.  I attempt to tackle it again.  Things are moving along pretty well.  Then I drop a stitch.  Oh shit.  Look, look, look….I can’t figure out where the F*** to pick it up at.  Screw this…frogged it and started it again.  I’ll be a bugger, drop another stitch into row 3.  Frog again.  Start again.  Don’t have the right number of stitches at the end of the row.  Frog again.  Then stuff yarn into bag and throw into knitting bag to try again tomorrow.

Go to bed.  Dream of that damn lace pattern.  Get out of my head.  Can’t sleep…get up.  Try again.  Perfection at 4am…4 rows knit appropriately and correctly.  ROCK ON!  Am I getting the hang of this at 4am?  Go back to bed content that I have succeeded at something.

We have another class and suddenly the light comes on for me with the pattern.  Call it an epiphany if you will.  I understand now where my stitches should fall with the pattern! 

It is now the end of April and the knitting of this shawl has been going well.  I think  understanding what each stitch is doing in the pattern has made it much easier for me.  This improves my overall knitting and my ability to read my stitches.  Unfortunately, when I work on this shawl I cannot watch baseball or a movie because I need to concentrate.  I also still need to complete the edge once the body of the scarf is completed.  For certain, that cannot be as hard as the knitting of these “spiders” has been!  I don’t think the picture does it justice, but once it is blocked you will be able to see the “spiders”!

Lace Shawl

Lace Shawl

So, I came home from work this afternoon, got changed and went to take the boys out.  I wanted to check on my garden, as I had noticed the arugula was coming up.  After I planted the seeds on Sunday, we covered it with lightweight plastic fencing, about 1/4 in squares.

Lo and behold, who should be in my bed?  But a BIG BLACK RAT Snake!  The bugger was caught in the fencing!  He was about 4 feet plus long and in one hell of predicament.  Ok, now I cannot stand snakes.  It all goes back to the summer I was home visiting my parents and a black rat snake, much longer than this one, found it’s way into my room.  (I still get shivers thinking about it).  DH to the rescue and he removed it from my parents house.  This though, was a very sad picture.  Obviously the poor thing had been there all day.  If it had been a ninety degree day the thing would have been dead.  But no, that snake was still alive.  Back up to the house I run to get scissors and a pair of gloves.

With his head caught, I started in the area toward his tail.  I was able to cut away a significant portion of the netting.  The thing was really wrapped tightly.  And he smelled bad.  I kept cutting, being careful to not injury him.  Yeah, I know a snake is still a snake, but he eats rats and mice.  I managed to get him halfway untangled from the netting, and then he gets his head loose.  NO way am I getting bit by a snake, esp. a black rat snake.  Those suckers clamp on and do not let go.  

Leave the thing there with still netting wrapped around the middle of his body.  Run up to the house and call the DH to see where he is at on his way home.  He finally gets home and asks me “What is the problem?”  I tell him and here he comes out of the garage with a hoe.  I tell him he isnt going to kill it, he has to hold its head so I can get the rest of the netting cut from its body.  We somehow manage to hold his body firm without injuring him or getting bit, and get the rest of the net away from the middle of his body.  Then off he slithered into the grass, quick as a lick.

Now, you may ask why did you save a snake?  I guess it is because I just couldn’t kill it because it was caught in the netting.  My husband says it is mateing season, and he probably saw the irrigation hose sticking out of the ground and thought it was a girl or boy.  And I hate killing things unless it is absolutely necessary.  I think more than enough people kill things for stupid reasons, and I am not one of those.  He really didn’t cause me any harm either.  Unfortunately, we now know we have to grease our bird box poles…..those black rat snakes with climb into a bird box quicker than all get out.   Sorry I don’t have any pictures.  I was too caught up in the saving of the snake to think about the camera.  Will try to get some next time……

So, I have wanted to learn to knit lace for a VERY LONG time. This is a lace

Lace Scarf

Lace Scarf

scarf kit that was purchased at Yarnbirds.  I started this back in early February, and have been slowly plogging away at it.  It is very neat in that the yarn is specially dyed so that there is a graduation of colors.  You start with one color, switch to another, then another.  The very cool thing is that you can’t “see” where the changeover really is because you are blending it as you go along.  Here it is with one color and six inches to go.

Lace Scarf

Lace Scarf

I also have a mindless scarf that I am working on.  I am going to save this as a Christmas gift.   It is out of Mission Falls Superwash Merino.  I just LOVE this yarn.  Very easy to work with and knit with.  I am probably going to work on two or three more of these for Christmas gifts as well.  It really isn’t too early to start thinking about Christmas you know.

Christmas Scarf

Christmas Scarf