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Hello! Sorry I have been a bit busy and lazy to post anything on the old blog. We have been thinking of moving, so many nights have been spent on discussion rather than up loading photos. And besides, its summer….the garden needs tending, the porch needs sitting on, wine needs drunk, baseball games to attend…you get the picture.
We did make it to Nashville for the conference, and the poster presentation was a success. Made me want to thinnk about going back to school and getting my DNP. But then the DH slaps me upside the head and asks “What are you thinking?!” and back to reality I go. Still thinking about this, but I don’t think it is the wrong time in my life right now.
Speaking of Nashville, we really liked it there! The visit to Haus of Yarn was about 2 hours long, just because I couldn’t make up my mind which yarn to buy (pics on that to come). We ate at a wonderfully romantic restaurant for our 11th anniversary. If you are ever in Nashville, try out the Mad Platter.   The menu changes every couple of weeks, so things that were there in June are not there now.  Although it doesn’t look like much on the outside, the ambiance and the food make up for it.  We even made a trip to the Grand Old Opry and saw Alison Krause.  Now I am not into country music, but the history in that place is just amazing.  Plus, Alison Krause is one of my favorite singers.  Her voice is so pure and clear in person….a CD doesn’t do her justice. 

HOpe to get some pics up of the MASSIVE Heirloom tomatoes that we have.  The tomatoes are just turning white, so should have some red ones within the next couple of weeks. 

Oh, I have also been knitting up a storm.  Finishing projects here and there before gearing up for the Christmas push and SAFF.  Have a good week!

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