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This had been circulating on FB for a bit now.  Since some people don’t have FB accounts, I decided to post it here.  If you are reading this, consider yourself tagged to post on your own blog!

1. I am a free spirit.  I am still amazed some days that I even got married.  Thank God my husband puts up with my sh**.

2.  I was once in a prelimary scholarship pageant to be Miss Pennsylvania.  It was the first and last time I got up in front of that many people in a swimsuit.  I didn’t win, but it was so worth the experience.

3.  I love to drink Arbor Mist  Blackberry wine.  And no, I am not an alcoholic.

4.  I am into running.  At one point, I was up to about 4 miles a day 4-5 times per week.  Then I got plantar fascitis and had to take like 8 mos. off.  I am back into it now and almost back up to 4 miles.  I want to run the OB Half Marathon this fall.

5.  I am into astrological signs and my horoscope.  I am a Pisces which fits me to a T.  My husband is a Virgo, one of the signs that best matches me. I truly believe in matching astrological signs.  I read my horoscope everyday.

6.  I like all fibery things.  I like to knit, and have about 5 different projects going at once.  I have my own spinning wheel, and spin my own fiber when I find the time and I am not knitting.  Hopefully for my retirement I will own my own yarn shop.

7.  I love to cook. Giarda DeLaurentis is one of my favorite primetime cooks.  I love her show and watch it when I can.  I love the simplicity and the fresh tasting of her recipes. 

8.  My first semester of college I had a GPA of 1.06. I partied a little too much with the mens’ basketball team.

9. I had my navel pierced LONG before it was popular, and yes, I still have it.

10. I met my husband in a nursing home. We were both working as nurse aides. He thought I was cute, I thought he was stuck on himself. We ended up dating 2 weeks after we started working together. We have been together for 14 years, married for 11.

11. We didn’t spend more than $5,000 on our wedding. I got married in a simple dress and my husband wore a suit. We saved the money and bought our first house 5 months later.  I wanted our wedding to be about us, not a party for everyone else. 

12.  I HATE it when people micromanage me. Please go find someone else to micromanage that really needs it.

13.  About 80-90% of my hair is gray, or as I like to call it, silver. I don’t care. I will not dye my hair because I would rather spend the money on something else, and I really don’t like chemicals that close to my brain.

14. I love quotes.  Quotes from famous people, songs…you name it. I have saved quotes since my high school years.  I used to write them all over my desk calendar to read while I studied.  I pasted them in a big book and look at when I need some inspiration. 

15. I can’t watch horror movies. I won’t sleep for days.

16. I truly believe cancer and other diseases, while having a genetic component, are also linked to all the chemicals that we use in our homes, our yards, and in our food.

17. The “bugs” will always win. That is why I refuse to take antibiotics unless I absolutely need them.

18. Every time I see a white mustang, I make a wish.  I don’t know where I got this from, but have been doing it ever since I was in college. Some days I see a lot of mustangs, other days I don’t. 

19.  I believe that everything happens for a reason.

20. I am not high maintenance.   I buy and wear clothes from thrift stores. If I do buy new clothes, they need to be significantly marked down. I won’t pay full price.

21. I love Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.  When they were still in the newspaper, I used to cut them out and paste them in an old date book to look back at.  When it seems like life is at it’s worse, I pull that out and have a laugh.   

22. I do not like materialistic people. I don’t care that I don’t live in a certain zip code or drive a certain car. Material things should not define who we are. And I bet I am much happier than you anyways!

23. I love baseball! My favorite teams are the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox.   I even play Fantasy Baseball with my husband and his friends.  My teams have names like Cherries on Top and Honey Riders.  Hey, that is why it is Fantasy right?

24. I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 21. I was told the probability of me being able to have children was slim to none. I get really tired of people telling me I would be a good mom. 

25. I believe that tomorrow is never promised. Live every day to the fullest.

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I had a conference this weekend in Charleston SC.  We had never been to Charleston, so we figured this to be the perfect time to go.  My parents actually lived in Charleston (before I was born), but we have never had the time to make it down there.  We figured this was a “fact gathering” mission, and that once we figured out how to get around, we would make a return trip.

We got there Friday night and ate at a restaurant called Coast.  It was very, very good.  The fish tacos were to die for, and my husband loved their paella.  I have to say their Ginger Margarita was also to die for.  Definitely hit the spot after a crazy week at work.  Saturday I was at the conference, and my husband “played” in downtown Charleston.  He went to the Aquarium, went to the Fort Sumter Muesem and walked around downtown.  A lot of walking.  We walked around downtown before going to supper at Hank’s.  I had the grilled salmon and the DH had the seafood a la wando.  Very good food.   We will definitely go to both of these restaurants again on the return trip. 

It felt like a short weekend, and it was.  But it was good to see what Charleston had  to offer.  We are already thinking about a possible September trip, kinda after summer when it will be cooler, the crowds a little less.  Maybe make it a three day weekend too….

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Hello, Sunshine!

It is a beautiful weekend here in the good ole’ southern US.  Hard to believe that about 4 days ago it was 32 degrees, now it is a balmy 80 degrees today.  That is one thing about spring down here…the yo-yoing of temperatures and weather conditions.  You get all happy that the weather is warm, then bang, it gets cold and rainy.  Down goes the happy mood.  Hopefully this stuff will stick around for awhile, but from what I have seen, it is back into the upper forties by Friday.

Now that I have some natural light, I am gonna ge t my butt in gear and post some pics of the lasted projects on the needles.  The DH and I busted butt outside today, trimming the crape myrtle, cleaning off one of the flower beds.  I even quickly planted some swiss chard in a couple of pots that I had.  It should sprout quickly with the warm weather down here.  We feel pressure to try to get some  stuff done this weekend, as we are headed to Charleston, SC next weekend. I am going to attend a conference next Saturday (blah) while the DH hangs out.  Then it is back home on Sunday.  The boys will get  a little vacation too, so all will be happy.

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