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Final 2008 Thoughts

Hard to believe another year has come and gone.  Where the time goes I don’t know.  It wasn’t a bad year for us, but who knows what next year will bring.  My mother always told me that whatever you are doing on New Years’ Day, you will be doing the entire year.  Well, I am working at the hospital this New Years’ Day, which means I will be working the rest of the year.  That can be a good thing. 

I know one thing that I want to do more of this year is SLOW DOWN.  I don’t think the DH and I spend enough time smelling the roses.  Of course, it is kind of hard to when you work a 40+ hours week.  But we aren’t getting any younger, and we need to slow down.   So what if the house does not get vaccuumed or the yard mowed.  Those are things that will always be there and need to get done.  What won’t always be there are our friends and family.  Tomorrow is never promised.  So take the time to give your kids an extra hug, give an extra call to your mom and dad.  Try not to get so upset because your parents drive you nuts sometimes, or that your husband left his underwear on the lamp again.  There may come a day when you wish you could have one more moment with them.

Talk to you next year!

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Here is the lasted WIP on the needles, the Claptosis scarf. If you haven’t chrmistmas-018heard of Claptosis, jump on the bandwagon. I think there are like 800 some claptosis posted on Ravelry, and the variety of yarns that are being used is awesome. I am using yarn from Miss Babs that I picked up at SAFF called Chocolate Roses. I specifically looked for yarn to use for this at SAFF. Of course, now I have visions of many claptosis in all shades. I am just getting through section 3, and to have get it finished. One thing I didn’t realize was how many stitch markers I would need!chrmistmas-019
It is a very easy knit, although I was very NERVOUS about droping the one stitch and then picking up to make another. I could not envision in my brain how it worked until one afternoon as I was running. Then I realized that dropping the stitch was at the beginning or the edge. Will post more pics when she is done….

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I had quite the lovely Christmas this year.  It wasn’t the gifts that I received…it was the time spent at home with my family.  It was also nice to not have to think about work and have time to do nothing.  My mother apologized to me that there wasn’t more going on.  What?!?  Monday, the snow day, was a perfect day because all I did was sit, knit and drink tea.  Just the simple things.  It is sometimes hard for people to understand that a day when you just do nothing but what you want to do is a perfect day. The DH and I feel we are constantly on the go with our jobs, house stuff, etc.  It was nice to have a day where I didn’t need to worry about everything.   I wish I had more days like that. 

Anyhow, I did want to post pics of some fibering things that I did get for Christmas.  I got a couple of sweaters to wear to work, slippers, a gift card for a massage, my standby Farmers’ Alamanac to predict the weather.  But I also got some very pretty needles.  These are interchangeable needles, meaning you could start a project with one size, and then switch to another in the middle of the project, without having to change the whole thing.  Sweet eh?chrmistmas-013

I also got the Ann Budd book – Getting Started Knitting Socks.  I had heard from quite a few people that this was a great book to get started knitting socks.  I had taken a sock class about a year ago, and wanted to get back into it.  This book has great instructions, including different patterns depending on gauge, different heels, etc.  Love this book already!chrmistmas-012

I also got some very pretty Cascade Superwash in a teal heather.  This is going to be the next Claptosis.  I must steel myself to finish the first before diving into this pretty, pretty yarn.  I actually purchased this for myself at a new yarn shop in North Raleigh called Yarnbirds.  Very nice shop with lots of yarn. chrmistmas-014

While the DH and I were in PA we also made a trip to Campbell Pottery.  Now, I am really, really into pottery like some people are.  I like to look at pottery, but don’t always buy something.  However, I do like Bill Campbell pottery.  And the cool thing is that his shop if 15 minutes away from my parents house in PA.  Earlier this



summer I purchased a fruit bowl.  This trip, as one of my Christmas presents (per the DH), I got a candle stand and two mugs.  Are they not gorgeous?  I love the brown/blue glaze.  It fits our kitchen.  I also love his crystal glaze items, but they really don’t fit with our decor.  If you are ever in that area, I highly encourage you to make a trip there.

candle stand


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The DH and I have returned from our trip to PA.  Thankfully our travel days up and back were without snow.  BUT, that didn’t mean we didn’t get some big snow while we were up there! 

I love snow!

I love snow!

DH and the boys

DH and the boys

We awoke Monday morning to pretty whiteness outside the bedroom window.  Copper was in heaven.  He loves snow.  I was a bit concerned since he is the dog with the bionic leg (after having his ACL repair in April), but overall no serious slipping and sliding.  He liked the fact that there was snow to eat all the time!

Me and Dad

Me and Dad

The DH and I ended up getting dressed to help my dad clean the driveway and do some snowblowing.  You see, my mom likes paths around the yard, i.e to bird feeder, the garage etc.  So we got to run the snow blower.  Have to say it was pretty cool.  I like man tools.  I told DH when we move back to PA I want a snowblower.   It also snowed on Christmas Day, big fluffy flakes that fell quietly.  It was a perfect day!

Me & the snow

Me & the snow

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Are we there yet?

I have not been very good with the blog these past two weeks.  Despite my mental determination to do the countdown to Christmas, I was physically unable to do it.  Nope, nothing wrong.  Just not enough hours in the day to work, wrap presents, shop, decorate, get ready to go to PA…you get the picture.  Needless to say, we are traveling to the great white north tomorrow, the 20th.  I am excited.  It sounds like we will have a white Christmas while we are up there, despite only reaching 29 degrees for high temps.  I am looking forward to the chance to do some sledding.  It seems like eons ago that we were able to get out the old orange sled and go down the hill in Cranesville.  Sliding down the hill out back on cardboard 6 years ago after we had 18 inches down here doesn’t count. 

I did manage to get the nut roll made today to take to PA.  Some may know it as kulache (spelling is probably wrong), a sweet dough is filled with walnut filling and then baked.  The nut roll tradition has been going on in my family since I was little.  My grandma used to make it, then my mom started making it after she passed.  I still remember Christmas Eve’s going to sleep with the smell of baking nut roll filling the house.  I tried some poppyseed filling in two of the rolls today, and won’t do that again.  They turned out BAD.  The one fell apart and we ended up eating that this evening.  I have some pretty pictures of them that I will post later.

Well, need to get to bed.  The 12 hour drive looms before us, and we have no idea what the weather will have in store in WV.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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19 days……

I would start on my letter to Santa right after Thanksgiving.  I don’t remember ever getting one back, but that didn’t matter to me.  I made sure that Santa knew what I wanted when we would go to see him.  Do you still write letters to Santa?  Maybe not the actual  thing,  but do you ever day dream about what you would write to Santa?   I do.  No, I am not crazy.   I still believe in Santa and that old Christmas magic.

Dear Santa,

Well, it has been a pretty busy year for me.  My job keeps me on my toes and the weeks seem to fly by.   I can’t believe that it is Christmas again, and another year is upon us.  I have been a pretty good girl this year and always doing my chores.  I really don’t want a lot for Christmas.  I feel pretty content in my life right now.   I have a good husband, a roof over my head, and a career I enjoy, although it can be stressful.  But, just in case, here is my wish list.

*More time to knit and spin, however you can manage that!

*Four weeks vacation with my job. 

*Snow at least once, either this year or next year.

*For at least five of my patients to get kidney transplants.

*Hugh Jackman(it’s a wish list……!)

*A trip to Seagrove, NC.

*A weekend at the mountain house in Ashe County, NC

*An extra day in Black Mountain, NC with SAFF next October.

*For both of our families to be healthy all next year

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20 days…..

One Christmas, my husband and I made the trip north to be with our families.  It was the worst Christmas trip to PA we have ever had.   It is one of those memories that sticks out in my mind.

The DH and I try to make it home for Christmas every other year.  This year, we were going up about 3-4 days before Christmas.  Unfortunately, little did we know we would be driving right into a snowstorm down here in NC to get to PA!

We got up and left about 5am.  They had forecast snow for our area, but we felt sure it was wrong.  The air is usually too dry to sustain any moisture for it to snow.  When we left Raleigh, it was cold, but not snowing.  The further west we traveled, the more snow started to fly!  I remember driving on 40W, just outside of Greensboro and hearing on the radio that all the exit ramps were closed.  We followed the tracks of the one and only car somewhere in front of us.  It continued to snow as we made it through Winston Salem and boy was it cold.  We were totally unprepared for this type of weather in NC.  The window washer fluid that we had in the car began to instantly freeze on the windshield when we would try to clean it.  Then, we could stop, use snow to clean it off and start again.  We basically did that till we got up into WV, about 8 hours into a normal 12 hour trip.  We stopped at one point at a McDonalds to get something to eat, take the dogs out and use the BR.  The snow was caked in the wheel wells of the car.  Amazingly, once we got up into WV it stopped snowing and the roads were clear, but the beginning of the trip was extremely trying.  Quite a few choice words were exchanged in the car that day.  The entire trip took 16 hours.  We laugh about it now, but it was definitely a memorable trip home for Christmas.

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