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Glorious fiber…and yarn….

Here are the pictures of the goodies I purchased at SAFF.  Email me if you want more specifics….






















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Today we went to SAFF.  OMG.  Wait, one more time….OMG.  I thought I had entered fiber paradise.  God bless my husband, who was a willing participant in the fiber splurge that happened today. I definitely did my part to boost the economy.  I can’t wait to show you what I purchased.  I did purchase a lot more fiber than yarn, and even purchased a a fleece from a corriedale named Peanut Butter from Rising Meadow Farm.  I also purchased a some beautiful roving from Creatively Dyed Yarn.  I bought two braids of a Tencel/wool combo in a greenish mauve, and then a big braid in wool and seacell is a blue.  I also purcheased two skeins of sock yarn in her new line Calypso.  Miss Babs  has awesome yarn.  Her colorways are amazing! I purchased yarn in Chocolate Roses to do Claptosis.  I also ended up purchasing some BFL roving in green forest, and some two ply in an awesome turquoise blue to knit up the pattern Cluaranach.  I am going to complete a scarf, but the pattern also gives me the option for a wrap as well.

Deep breath now.  Here is the rest of the haul.  I purchased two braids of roving in a 70 merino/30silk colowar way that is a burgundy-orange green-yellow.  I can’t describe it.  You have to wait for the pictures.  I then purchased some merino roving in denim from Cloverleaf Farms.  She wasn’t in the actually show arena, but outside in another arena with her roving.  Her colors were awesome as well.  Let me see…is that it?  NO!  One more thing…a skein Solo Silk from Brooks Farm in a beige green color way.    There.  Finally done.  Can you ever have too much fiber?  I think not.  By the end of the excursion, my husband had taken to calling me fiber whore.  Ha!  It was definitely worth the trip.  I had to bring all the fiber in, except the fleece, and put it all over our room here at the arbor house.  I am gazing upon it lovingly as I type this…And then stupid me…I didn’t bring my wheel.  I wasn’t really sure if I would even have time to spin.  That’s OK.  I will continue to pet the new yarn and work on the Irish Hiking scarf that I started on in cascade 220.  Don’t worry, I will post a pic of that as well.  When I post all my pics you can ooo and ahh over everything.  I am already counting the days to Maryland Sheep and wool festival.  Oh,jeez.  I forgot to mention the bunnies…!  I will save that for another post. TTFN!

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I made it.  Somehow I made it through 10 days of work.  Then I gave a three hour lecture yesterday to a group of beginning NPs.  By noon yesterday I was ready for some much needed R&R.

Off to Black Mountain we flew!  We are staying at the Arbor House Bed and Breakfast in Black Mountain.  Absolutley gorgeous.  It is located right on Tomahawk Lake.  Dave and Carolyn are wonderful hosts, and the breakfast this AM was wonderful.  I can’t wait for tomorrow!  Our room is wonderfully comfortable and I slept like a baby last night.  We walked around downtown Black Mountain, which is everything we thought it would be.  Quaint shops with just about everything!  There is even a fly fishing shop for my husband.  We are going to SAFF, which is going to be a seperate post in itself.  We are planning to go to one of the restaurants reccommend by Dave tonight.  Probably going to try the Madison Inn though.  The menu looks divine.  Of course, pics will be forthcoming once I we get home to upload them…. Oh, and the fall colors are perfect!  Wish y’all were here!

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Slacker I am…

Ok, I admit it.  I have been a slack ass lately when it has came to this blog.  How I WISH I had been devoting all my time to knitting, but alas, I have been busting my butt on my upcoming, not 1, not 2, but THREE presentations that I am giving at the school where I received my MSN at.  Yep, that is what I have been doing, in addition to working.  And joy to me, I have to work next weekend.  Can you catch that hint of excitement in my “voice”?  NOT.  So, I continue to pound out what I have to do and dream of the upcoming day when we will be going to Black Mountain for some much needed vacation.  I will try to post hat in Mission Falls Cotton that I have been working on.  Other than that, not much else in the knitting.   I REALLY WANTED to try to start on a CANDY CORN HAT to wear during Halloween week, but maybe by Friday.  Hopefully.  I apologize for the extreme boriness of this post as well.  Let me get over this bump and I will be back at it.

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Keep on spinning….

I am sad. I acutally have a mixture of feelings. Overwhelmed. Scared. Nervous. It seems as if life as we all used to know it will no longer be that way anymore. At least that is how I have been feeling these past couple of weeks.  Numerous things have came together that in collaboration have just depressed me.  First and foremost though, is the state of our nations economy.

Both the DH and I have jobs that we believe to be secure. But what we believe and what is true are at times two different things. We are not materialistic individuals. We have lived in the same house, our first house, for 10 years. We have worked hard to be in the spot we are in with our careers.  We have NEVER been in credit card debt.  We have been saving a pretty good chunk of our salaries each month for that rainy day.  But the economy and the whole mortgage debacle has got me shaking in my shoes. I truly believe that dark days are ahead for the US. Every day I hear of another plant closing, someone else losing their job.  My patients can’t afford gas money to come to their dialysis treatments. Everything I hear is just negative, negative, negative.  It all weighs heavy on my heart. In the meanwhile, the individuals who have gotten RICH on the whole thing are getting away with it. Where is the accountability? If I screw up, I have to be accountable. What about these guys?  Because of the whole financial crises, do we have to start burying our money in mason jars in the back yard?

 The DH and I have talked more about moving back to PA over the past month as well.  We have even perused houses on the internet.  For some inordinate reason, I feel the need to move closer to HOME.  Why is that?  North Carolina is where I live, but PA is where I call home.  Why do I think that moving home will make me feel better about the whole economy?  Is it that when we are home we feel more sheltered from the outside world?  We know we want and will need to be closer to our parents in the next couple of years. 

This and more has gotten me down over the past month.  Sometimes life sucks.  I doubt anytime soon I will feel better about the whole situation of the world.  Maybe I am just burned out with my whole life and everything in it.  I don’t know.  Doubt I will get it figured out any time soon.  Until then, I guess I will just keep on spinning…..

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